Location, Location, Location.   
                               Shared, ground level apt. Walking distance to everything.
                                                      "Living Well Is The Best Revenge".

                                                           Holiday bookings available.
                                                                   1-(703) 349-3343

                                 Maximize entitlements. Housing approved.
                           Relocation, permanent housing, resident permit/visa assistance
                           provided to all 90 day bookings or greater at no additional cost.

                                                        Available  Long or short term.

                                 Two blocks from Landstuhl American Hospital
                         Walking distance to everything.  Ambulatory hospice care available.

            Enclosed, custodial, off street vehicle parking/personal storage space included. 
                                          A certified FOH. Friend of Hank B&B.
                     News Flash: "Hank claws his way to third place in Virginia Senate race".


         "It's a lot like staying with a friend, because you are".                                      
                                             Northern Virginia Law Enforcment Professional.
                                                        For all your long and short term housing needs in the KMC.

                                                                      "When You're Here, You're Home"
                                                                            Holiday bookings available.
                "If you don't like coming home to an empty house, this is a good  place to be
                 Plenty of privacy, and a friend 
who knows the area".
               " The relocation services were most helpful, and at no additional charge"
                  My family was able to avoid a lot of inconvenience.
                  The information from a local American was very helpful".
                                                                                      COL G. RAB

                Get all the information not provided in the  newcomers briefing. 
                For me, the shared living 
arrangements were perfect". 

                                                                        Fortune 500 IT professional.
                While in the KMC visit:
                E-mail: e-mail:sail@ramsteinyachtclub.com 
                for rental info and travel tips.

             Enjoy a hot bowl of "Sopish" or "Liberty House Onion Soup". Bofrost menu available.
             Hot evening meal included. Chicken, beef, fish, or traditional German Fare.

                     For an insanely great experience, make your first booking at:

              Asian, German, and Turkish fare only blocks away. 
                 Shopette, gas station, px, gym, laundromat, food court and dry cleaners
                 within walking distance. Available to all ID card holders.
                 Off street parking for your vehicle.
       Day and overnight European highlight trips, planed at no additional cost.       
       Paris, Italy, Amsterdam, Spa,  Museum, Thai foot massage.
       Three star hotel, next to Barbizon Palace NH Hotels,
       Victoria Hotel and Central Station in north Amsterdam.
       Includes hot breakfast. 130 euro daily. Two day minimum.
       Ikea and open air market shopping opportunities available.

                                                                   Couples welcome.   
                 For booking info from the US, call : 1(801) 415-1961           

                                "Spend your first 10 days in country at : www.ramsteinbandb.com
                                         It was extremly helpful, having a fellow American available to show
                                         me around, while I looked for more permanent family housing". 

                                     "The Internet service and connection are steller.
                                      I kept in contact with my family hours on end on my web cam, 
                                      with no interuptions in service".
                                                                                 Northern Virginia Contract Employee.

        Visit: www.ramsteinyachtclub.com 
        For American fellowship, during your stay in the KMC.

                                                  Ramstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_4.jpgRamstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_3.jpg 
                               "Wherever it is you stay, You won't enjoy the quality of life experienced here".
                                            University of Maryland, Overseas Division Instructor.
                             See our posting on the Automated Housing Referral Network at: 
              https://www.ahrn.com  US Government professionals, academics, 
             state department personnel welcome.

        Civilian PCS Out-bound/ In-bound/ & Military PCS outbound are   
                authorized up to 10 days of TLA/TLF.  PCS inbound with a 
                Statement of Non-Availability are usuallly authorized 30 days of 
             "I liked being able to walk to work, while looking for a more permanent place to live. 
              Being able to use my TLA entitlement for my first 10 days in country, was a big plus.
              Never underestimate the value of having a friend in Europe".
              US Army Medical Corps
              CPT Emergency Department/Critical Care RN.
                                  "www.ramsteinbandb.com is much less expensive than staying at a hotel.
                                   Being within walking distance makes it convenient for
                                   the interns and medical rotation students as well. 
                          We were fortunate to receive 
a Physical Therapy Internship discounted rate. 
                          A structured environment, supervised by a responsible adult, 
                          kept everyone focused. We just loved it".
                     Parent of Student Intern
                     University of Chicago

                                                                    Great for ID Card Holder's.
                                                Available to medical/military/DoD & contract professionals.
                                                     Walking distance to everything. Long or short term.
                                                                            TLA rates available.
All utilities, DSL/wireless Internet service, free calls to the US included.
                                                                Small putting green, BBQ & fire pit area.
                                                     Relax and enjoy classic American HD films at:
                                                                      E-mail: book@ramsteinbandb.com 

             Ramstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_3.jpgRamstein-Miesenbach, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, 1 bedroom, Apartment for rent iRoommates.com image 874148_4.jpg       
                                               "We were comforted to know our daughter was able to
                                                            stay with someone I served on active duty with.  
                                                         It made her medical internship  a lot easier for all of us".

                                       Parent of University Student


                                     Perfect pied-à-terre residence, mid-tour leave or persons in transistion. 
                                                        Alcohol and smoke free environment.                                
"A classmate and I did our rotation at the same time, and just loved it. 
                                                         We are friends to this day".
                                                                 Physical Therapist.
                         "The roasted chicken and prune tort were yummy"   
                                                "I loved the fresh cut flowers".  
                                                                                                   Dr & Mrs Bullock
                 "It was great hooking up with someone from my old unit. 
www.ramsteinband.com really felt like home".
                                                                                                                    SFC Taylor
 1.5 mile from Ramstein AFB main gate.
                             Gate's 2/4/5/1 within walking distance. 
                             Free KMC shuttle to all ID card holders.

                             Walking distance to a historic German village and castle. Do your shopping in a
                                    village operating as the regions most successful
   municipality for over 600 years
                                    Safe, secure. ground level garden apt. Share common areas. 
                                    Fully furnished room available, long or short term.
USD accepted at US financial institutions only.
                                         No over night guest, smokers, pets, children or crybabies.
                             Tel: 1-(801) 415-1961
                             Discounts available to UVA, VMI, UMD & GU, 
                                            grauate students & alumni

When You're Here, You're Home" 

                                                  Small neutered and spayed pets welcome.
                                          Refunds, where applicable are denominated in USD. 
                                                                             free web counters
                                                      30 day advance notice & deposit required.
                                             Credit for future bookings, cheerfully provided to all no-shows.